~ 1896 - 1982

J. R was a vintage artist, probably French, who illustrated the spanking novel La Grande Amie by Aimé Van Rod, published in 1914 by Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne Réunies. There is no other info known for this artist.

Books illustrated by J.R and presented in gallery below (otherwise it is mentioned):

  • La Gouvernante (1913)
  • La Grande Amie (1914) - not present
  • Le Precepteur (1914)
  • Lady Olympia ou Les Encagées de Rosmor-Castle (1914)

Le Precepteur has also been published with illustrations from Georges Topfer in 1928.
Lady Olympia ou Les Encagées de Rosmor-Castle (1914) has 8 artworks and 1 cover art done by Gaston Smit (G. Topfer)

4 albums/22 artworks

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