Les Malheurs de Colette

~ First published in 1914

Les Malheurs de Colette is a spanking novel by Aimé Van Rod. It was first published in 1914 by Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne Réunies.

There is also a 1928 edition by Édition Parisienne which was illustrated by Gaston Smit and has a cover illustration by Martin van Maele (this is a standard drawing used for many covers so I did not include it, you can view it in the banner at the top of this page, the middle artwork)

The novel was translated to English under the title The Misfortunes of Colette or The Ironical Fruits of Discipline, which features 8 illustrations by Eric Galton. It was issued privately for subscribers only by Gargoyle Press in circa 1930. One can see how Galton based three of his illustrations on Topfer's. Re-edited and translated also under title Colette's shame or Strange Passions: the unusual story of a woman flagellant by The Lashe Press in 1936. There has also been a partial translation for collectors and students of psychology, published in 1940 with a re-edit in 1960: Maiden spankings: fruits of discipline. 

  • Album 1 Les Malheurs de Colette by Gaston Smit (1928)
  • Album 2 The Misfortunes of Colette by Eric Galton (1930)

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