Otto Schoff

~ 1888 - 1938

Otto Schoff  was a German graphic artist who created drawings, engravings and watercolor illustrations, including works of an erotic nature and spanking art.

Schoff, who grew up in poor conditions, attended the arts and crafts school in Bremen from 1902 after starting his apprenticeship in a tobacco factory and with a decorative painter . The following year he was a student of Otto Linnemann in Frankfurt am Main . In 1909 Schoff passed the entrance exam for the teaching establishment of the Berlin Museum of Applied Arts . There he was a student of Emil Orlik . Schoff came to Paris in 1913 on a scholarship , which he did not leave until August 1914. His attempts to evade the draft were in vain; Schoff suffered gas poisoning on the Western Front in 1918 .

After the war , Schoff set up a studio on Motzstrasse in Berlin, which he kept until his death. After the seizure of power in 1935 it was classified as degenerate and was no longer allowed to exhibit.

Women, eroticism as well as male and female homosexuality are central themes in his work. I did of course my best to also find spanking art done by Schoff.

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