Thérèse Philosophe

~ First published in 1748

Thérèse Philosophe (Therese the Philosopher) is a 1748 French novel ascribed to Jean-Baptiste de Boyer, Marquis d'Argens. It has been chiefly regarded as a pornographic novel, which accounts for its massive sales in 18th-century France. 

I did some research to find various artworks by different artists, all for the same story. There aren’t many artists known, while there are various editions of the book with different artworks.
Antoine Borel was the artist who illustrated for the edition published in 1785. There are also some artworks done by an artist or engraver named Delchroche (for who I was unable to find info).

  • Album 1 by anonymous artist, 1748
  • Album 2 by Delcroche, ca 1780
  • Album 3 by Antoine Borel, 1785
  • Album 4 anonymous artists

4 albums/23 artworks

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