Umberto Brunelleschi

~ 1879 - 1949

Umberto was an Italian artist. He was born in Montemurlo, Italy, studied at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Florence and moved to Paris in 1900 with Ardengo Soffici where he soon established himself as a printer, book illustrator, set and costume designer.

He worked for the magazine Le Rire as a caricaturist (often under the pseudonym's Aroun-al-Raxid or Aron-al-Rascid) and was a contributor to many of the deluxe French fashion publications including Journal des Dames et Des ModesLa Vie ParisienneGazette du Bon Ton and Les Feuillets d'Art. Brunelleschi was also the artistic director of the short lived but significant La Guirlande d'art et de la littérature 1919-1920. More erotic art can be found on my other blog.

After serving in the Italian Army during the First World War he returned to Paris. In the 1920s he diversified into set and costume designs for various French theaters and theaters in New York City, Germany, and in his native country. In Italy, he worked for Opera Houses. He also created costumes for Josephine Baker. You might be wondering where the link to bdsm is for this artist. Under the pseudonym Ernest Mossé he illustrated the book Dresseuse et dressée, published in 1935. When discovering this I suddenly remembered an album in my anonymous bdsm gallery, it turned out that Dresseuse et dressée was on my site for many years already!

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