For years I had one page dedicated to 'Lany-R and Sao-Chang' I wasn't sure if they were two separate artists. Recently I discovered some books that showed only Sao-Chang's name as artists so I decided to create two pages. To view Lany-R go here. The artist Sao-Chang also co-illustrated together with Sadie Mazo. The artist remains a mystery.

Books illustrated by Sao-Chang presented in gallery below (otherwise it is mentioned):

  • Les Asservies de Slave Island (1935)
  • Férocités sensuelles (1935)
  • Tortures et lubricité (1935)
  • Le Couvent des tortures (1936) - only 1 artwork
  • Goules et vampires (1936)

5 albums/34 artworks
Latest Update: August 3, 2023 -> 3 new artworks added to existing albums

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