Leon Courbouleix

~ 1887 - 1972

Léon Courbouleix illustrated spanking novels in the 1930s using the pseudonym J.X Dumoulin. His drawings are F/F, F/f and F/m. Besides spanking art, he also did some enema art. In the late 1930s Courbouleix wrote and illustrated two privately-printed limited-edition ‘memoires’ of the eponymous Suzon:
'Suzon au vacances' and 'Le mariage de Suzon', an advanced style of writing and illustration which started a trend of similar erotic ‘diaries’ which continued well into the 50's.

Courbouleix’ last illustrated work was published in 1953, he died twenty years later in Paris

Bdsm books he illustrated and shown in gallery below (otherwise it is mentioned):

  • Les Faisceaux Rouges (c. 1935)
  • Humiliations Chéries (1936)
  • Chéri (1949)

Since this site is dedicated to bdsm art I only added those and a little suggestive bdsm art, there is also a mixed album with bdsm art taken from various books illustrated by this artist.

4 albums/46 artworks
Latest update: October 5, 2023 -> renewed Humiliations Chéries (16 large artworks)

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