Jim (German)

~ Date of birth unknown ~ 

For this artist I could not find any info. Eventhough the style of drawings is different as the artworks from 'Swiss Jim'  these two artists get confused or mixed up very often.
Typical for the artworks of Jim is that he drew over faces from photos, so sometimes you get the feeling you are not truly viewing art but looking at parts of a photograph. These artworks are featured in seperate albums (Edits)
The artworks seem to be from around 1940/1950. There is one book, which was republished in 1980 with the title Wilma, Die strenge zuchtherrin, then there have also been publications titled Hilde and Hilda, a French connection to these publications leads to Lucy Maroger. For who I could not find anything other then Dominique Leroy who published various books in bdsm themes with vintage artworks.

So far all these modern publications reveal nothing about the artist. Which makes it difficult to use a certain order in publishing the artworks. So  I decided to organize them via subjects and not for the books that all were published after 1970.

To view free art from this artist visit Art Vintagique and Spanking Art.

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