Mario Laboccetta

~ 1899 - 1988

The pseudonym Marilac was used by Italian artists Mario Laboccetta for who I was unable to find a proper bio in English. So I tried to translate from Italian.

He was born in Naples and became famous in Paris. During the 1920/1930's he worked as illustrator for magazines, and especially for some editions of Les Fleurs du Mal (1933). He became famous for his illustrations for Baudelaire in Les Paradis artificiels (1933) and Contes d'Hofmann (1932).
His art was being considered nouveau symbolic, like artists Carlo Ferneti or Alberto Martini but inlike them Labocetta folded the dream. His excessive use of color refert o the surreal delirium. The first books illustrated by Labocetta are rare and valuable.

About this fetish artworks there are no references to find, there are those who believe he is the same artist as Davanzo and Wighead, I am too little of an expert on this field to share my opinion on this.
For me the most important thing is to share art and knowledge so it does not get lost.

Mario Laboccetta returned to Italy after having lived in France for 18 years. He went to Milan at first where he had always worked as illustrator, and probably for the theater as well. He moved to Capri where he died in 1988. It is most likely many of his artworks are not yet discovered as being from him. it is known he has worked as decorator for Carthusia, the brand of Capri perfumes which created the symbol.

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