O. Ridrik

Another artist who remains a mystery. Signing the artworks with O. Ridrik (or Ridrick) this name is also connected to signature Y.Vanoff. If this is the same artist I am not sure about.
To find art from this artist is very challenging, but in time I was able to find more and expand the galleries.

Books with bdsm art from O.Ridrik presented in gallery below:

  • Esclaves Malgré Elles ou Les Captives Domptées (1933) with signature O. Ridrick
  • L'Infernale volupté ou Les Frénésies amoureuses (1934) with signature O. Ridrick
  • Étranges Humiliations ou Confidences et Confessions (1934) with signature Y. Vanoff

There is one album with two colored artworks inspired by art from O. Ridrick (and the other one by Ely Costes) but most likely created by a different artist. I decided to add the album with two colored artworks here as well.

5 albums/23 artworks

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