Lewis Bald

~ Date of birth unknown ~

Lewis Bald was an illustrator of French spanking stories.
Between 1909 and 1910 he illustrated various works for Aimé van Rod. Illustrated books featured in gallery below (mentioned if they are not present)

  • Le Fouet dominateur (1909)
  • Les Mystères du fouet (1909)
  • Les Vierges fouettées (1909)
  • Fouet Dominateur (1909)
  • La Villa des bouleaux (1909) - the edition with art from Gaston Smit is present
  • L'École du fouet (1910) - not present
  • La Fascination du fouet (1910) - not present
  • Le Fouetteur invisible (1910)
  • Le Roi fouetteur (1910)
  • Visites fantastiques au pays du fouet (1910) - not present
  • L'Avatar de Lucette (1925)

Despite these various illustrations it is very hard to discover art from him to built albums. I had stored some unfinished albums for quite some time know on my pc and decided to upload these. Hopefully in time I will be able to make them complete, also I am not sure if I connected all the images to the correct book.

7 albums/45 artworks

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