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Lushé was a French artist active around 1930. Some of his drawings appeared in the book 'Flagellantismus als Erziehung', written by Joachim Pauly, published in 1972.
Throughout the years I never found a lot of artworks from this artist. I have a few in B&W for which I could not find a colored version.
The colored bdsm artworks are devided into the themes Bondage and Spanking. In the album mixed you will find Bdsm, FemDom, Strapon and Mistress.

In march 2023 I found some more artworks, two with signature Zabczynski. The style very much looks the same like that from Lushé. Some mention the real name of this artist was Aleksandr Zabczynski, so far I did not find info to confirm this.

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