Memoires d’une Fouettée

~ First published in 1909

Mémoires d'une Fouettée was written by Aimé van Rod and published in 1909 with 10 artworks by M. Del Giglio. In 1924 the book was published with art from Gaston Smit, using one of his pseudonymes James Barclay.

The information concerning the illustrations is contradictory: on the title page, it is indicated "4 engravings in black, 4 engravings and 1 frontispiece in colors" while the cover indicates "4 engravings in colors including 1 frontispiece & 3 engravings in black".
Either the publisher had placed an order with the illustrator and only 7 of the 9 illustrations planned could be delivered in time, or it is a reprint with a reduced number of illustrations.

There was also a Spanish translation published with title 'Memorias de una Masoquista. Novela de amor' probably dating from the 1920s, with only information "Coleccion Imperio", Madrid.
Published under the pseudonym Victor Uberstezer ( which means translator in German). Art for the Spanish edition were signed Mel, Manuel Sierra Lafitte.

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