~ Date of birth unknown

Rex was one of the artists in the Klaw group.
I don't think he is the same artist as an American artist named Rex who illustrated homo erotic fetish art.

Publications for which Rex illustrated were published by  Mutrix Corp and Nutrix Corp. Irving Klaw published the Nutrix books until the mid 1960's then he was forced out of business and the torch was taken up by Mutrix. They reprinted some of Klaw's books and did many new ones of their own.

It seems that no information about Rex is to be found, which adds a mystery. Was this an artist or was this name used by one of the other artists who illustrated for Mutrix and Nutrix? Like Gene Bilbrew, Eric Stanton, Adolfo Marini Ruiz.

Comics illustrated by Rex that are featured in the gallery below:

  • Man at her Feet (1960)
  • Fetishist & Spinster (1961)
  • Unmanned (1961)
  • Dominate 16 (1962)

6 albums/45 artworks

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