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Frédéric was a German artist who illustrated femdom/malesub BDSM stories, the era seems to stretch from 1930 till the end of 1960. Artworks were published in private and clandestine publications. The last years more art from this artist surfaces via auctions.

Many refer to this artist as a pure FemDom artist, but when you look more closely to his work you can see that he also did some F/f art.

Illustrated books by Frédéric (all present in the gallery below):

  • Nina (1930)
  • Zwei Teufelinnen (1955)
  • Schoolboys (1953) - not sure if the art was published in a book but it does tell a story
  • Rolfi und Tante Edith, Die Geschichte meiner strengen Erziehung (1978)
  • Erziehung der Drillingen (unknown date)

9 albums/85 artworks
Latest Update: August 27, 2023 -> Renewed the albums, added some missing albums

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