This artist illustrated some books written by Grégor Yvan (Grégor Yvan Wild). For the artist I could not find any information.
One of the books illustrated by this artist was stored on my site for a long time, somehow I overlooked the artist.

Books illustrated by Kurtys and presented in gallery below (otherwise it is mentioned):

  • Les 30 leçons d'amour (1930/32) - external link
  • Sonia dominatrice ou Les Délices du cuir verni et des travestis. Sous la férule féminine (1932/35) - not present
  • La Princesse Sonia, ses bottes, son esclave. Sous la férule féminine (1932)
  • Sonia domptée ou Les Délices du cuir verni et des travestis (1933) - not present
  • La Sensuelle Monique (1938) - not present

Be sure to also see this post, with some interesting art from unknown artist that either copied the art from Kurtys or the other way around. The first artwork from Sonia Dominatrice (1930) was used as cover for the book Croupes Sanglantes. Scènes vécues from Jean d'Ayeud.

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