Paul Prött

~ ca. 1880 - ca. 1961

There was little to find about this Illustrator. He probably lived in Köln. I once stumbled upon an album from an anonymous Hungarian artist who has a similar style as Paul Prött. I am not sure if they are the same illustrator but I have included the album in the gallery below.

Someone mentioned this about the artist:

He was a successful commercial designer in the '20s and '30s in Berlin, obsessed by self-discipline (strong leather corsets, steel bandages, chastity, and dilation tools).
The pics were not a fantasy for him, he lived them and he did his jobs best attired in his tools and fixated at his drawing board.
The permanent thrill without solution gave him his very creative ideas. He died in Muehlheim (Germany) in 1961.

Some of the watercolored art in these albums look very much the same as watercolors from Paul Kamm and there is also a resemblance to discover with crossdressing art stored in the anonymous crossdressing gallery.

5 albums/53 artworks
Latest Update: November 14, 2023 -> colored artworks added to album Color (mixed) (4 artworks)

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